Our Clients 

Baltimore County Public School 

Delaware Department of Education

Global Speech and Rehab Services

Maryland State Department of Health and Services  

Maryland Department of Juvenile Services 

Maryland Department of Transportation

​Maryland State Department of Education

Virginia Department of Corrections 

Program Evaluation

Psychometric Solutions provides an array of program evaluation services. We have evaluated federal grants programs in education and public health. Our program evaluations are designed to provide opportunities for businesses to establish, expand, or evaluate programs and services. We have experience providing formative and summative evaluations that include:         

  • developing a rating assessment to assess and evaluate programs and services;
  • conducting analyzes to evaluate program indicators, outcomes, and performance metrics to determine a program's effectiveness;                       
  •  conducting on-site observations; 
  •  providing technical assistance to program actors and shareholders, and 
  •  composing an evaluation report, inclusive of an overall summary of findings and recommendations.​

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Professional Development/Training

Psychometric Solutions has extended a variety of professional development and training services to our clients. Our seminars and workshops are designed to provide participants with opportunities to develop, refine, and apply knowledge of related skills and techniques. 

Using well-known theories of adult learning, and related best practices found in current research literature, Psychometric Solutions steers the development and delivery to support our clients needs. We have worked with clients to provide professional development and training services in the areas of: 

  • Data/Assessment Literacy
  • Item Analysis
  • Project Management 
  • Cultural Responsiveness 
  • Diversity in the Workplace
  • Variety of Educational and Professional Topics

Data Collection and Analysis  

Psychometric Solutions has provided a variety of data collection and analytic services to our clients.  Using well-known theories and techniques, we have experience with: 

  • Quantitative Data
  • Qualitative Data 
  • Item Response Analysis 
  • Predictive Analysis