Who We Serve

  • State Education Agencies
  • District-Level Education Agencies
  • K-12 Institutions
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Graduate Students
  • Private Businesses and Organizations

Our Expertise ​

Psychometric Solutions is distinctively different from other companies given our expertise in education and our sensitivity to cultural needs. We are small, yet efficient team. Our small staff affords our clients close professional-working relationships with every member of the Psychometric Solutions team. Nonetheless, our efficiency allows us to handle large-scale projects as well. Our effectual office size, paired with our commitment to provide quality service, makes us an apt choice for both small or large projects.

 With a wealth of experience in educational assessments, our clients in education will benefit from our expertise in item response theory, specifically Rasch Measurement Theory. ​We can assist clients in developing a range of valid and reliable educational assessments and surveys. Additionally, we can assist clients with their data by compiling, analyzing, reporting/presenting  findings to various audiences. 

Our Services

  • Item/Test Development
  • Item Analysis
  • Survey Development
  • Survey Administration
  • Research Study Design and Implementation
  • Program Evaluation
  • Professional Development and Training 

The solution to all your psychometric needs!

Our Clients

  • Global Speech and Rehab Services
  • ​Virginia Department of Corrections
  • ​Baltimore County Public Schools
  • Maryland State Department of Education 
  • ​Maryland Department of Transportation