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Subin Hona, PhD received his B.A. and M.A. in psychology from McNeese State University. His Masters thesis examined (i) differences in students' exam scores (Introductory Psychology Course) on Computer Based Test and Paper Based Test and (ii) effects of varied screen resolutions and input methods on students' test score on Computer Based Test. Dr. Hona earned his Doctor of Philosophy degree in Psychometrics from Morgan State University.  He is interested in both basic and applied psychometrics research, particularly in test construction and evaluation. In terms of applied research, his primary work is in education and health. He is keen in utilizing technological-advancements and expert programming skills in extending the scope of his professional research and analytical projects.

Dr. Hona serves as our Technical Manager and Senior psychometrician. He is responsible for conducting research in emerging areas of education assessments, participating in methodological and psychometric research studies, and undertaking reviews of the literature and research related to NAEP priority areas. On January 2015, Dr. Hona joined NIH granted ASCEND program as assisting evaluator, where he is responsible for developing and reviewing instruments and items to measure constructs relevant to the program. Currently, he is developing a scoring software using Rasch Model Measurement. He also serves as an adjunct faculty for Morgan States University, where he teaches Psychological Statistics I and Psychological Statistics II. 

Dr. Hona is originally from Nepal. In his free time, he likes to play table tennis, go hiking, and hang out with friends. He loves spicy foods and has been deemed is a good cook for selected cuisines.