The solution to all your psychometric needs!

​​​​​Upon receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, Dr. Tameka “Tamme” Payton began teaching at an alternative education high school in Miami-Dade County. Throughout her tenure with Miami-Dade County Public School, Dr. Payton served a secondary-reading teacher, then Reading Coach, which is a position within the Instructional Leadership Team. 

In August 2007, she received a Master of Science degree in Mental Health Counseling and a Graduate certificate in Therapeutic Issues in Child and Adolescent Studies. Thereafter, she relocated to Harford County, Maryland where she continued her work and quest to improve the academic performance of students with significant weaknesses in the area of reading. In May 2012, Tameka earned a Master of Science in Human Resource Development-Educational Leadership Track at Towson University. Before leaving Harford County, Dr. Payton was promoted to Reading Intervention Specialist, also a role within the Instructional Leadership Team. Afterwards, Dr. Payton spent time in Baltimore City Public School’s district office and the Maryland State Department of Education Assessment Department, where she served as the Program Manager for the High School Assessment Program. In these positions, Dr. Payton gained years of experience coordinating communications as well as evaluating and tracking expenditures related to multi-million dollar assessment programs.

Dr. Payton received a doctorate in Psychometrics at Morgan State University. In her current work as Chief Executive she is involved in an various psychometric-related projects. She mainly focuses on projects that involve creating and evaluating scientific-based research assessments, programs, and policies to ensure that are culturally responsive. 

Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Dr. Payton developed an admiration for her urban community early in life. This admiration eventually manifested in a spirit and commitment to serve urban communities, evident by her participation in various community based organization, such as the NAACP and Big Brother, Big Sisters of America.  Dr. Payton is one of the proud founders of EXEMPLAR Community Services, Inc. EXEMPLAR is a grassroots agency aimed to connect with individuals at their current state in order to facilitate a successful transition throughout life by- EXcelling, EMpowering, PLanning, and ARriving.