Our Services

  • Item/Test Development
  • Item Analysis
  • Survey Development
  • Survey Administration
  • Research Study Design and Implementation
  • Program Evaluation
  • Professional Development and Training 

Our vision is that one day all assessments will truly assess individuals in a culturally responsive manner, which matches the individual's preferred assessment style. Thereby, the most valid results can be obtained for the test-taker.

High Quality Assessment

Our mission is to provide the highest quality of psychometric services to our clients. We believe that all instruments, including educational and vocational assessments and surveys should be valid, reliable, and culturally responsive. We believe that individuals of all ages, ethnic backgrounds, and abilities participating in an assessment, should do so knowing that the instrument being used is psychometrically sound and accommodates their cultural needs. 

The solution to all your psychometric needs!

Our Vision

Our Mission 

Who We Serve

  • State Education Agencies
  • District-Level Education Agencies
  • K-12 Institutions
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Graduate Students
  • Private Businesses and Organizations

Our Clients

  • Global Speech and Rehab Services
  • ​Virginia Department of Corrections
  • Baltimore County Public Schools
  • Maryland State Department of Education
  • Maryland Department of Transportation 

Our Expertise

Culturally Responsiveness