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Psychometric Solutions provides an array of program evaluation services. We have evaluated federal grants programs in education and public health.

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Psychometric Solutions approaches data analysis with the highest integrity. We use a variety of statistical approaches and software packages to analyze and present data.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality psychometric services to our clients. We believe that all instruments, including educational assessments and surveys should be valid, reliable, and culturally responsive. 

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Our vision is that one day all instruments will truly assess individuals in a culturally responsive manner, which matches the individual's preferred assessment style. Thereby, the most valid results can be obtained for the test-taker.
Psychometric Solutions, LLC provides the highest quality of psychometric services to our clients.

Psychometric Solutions, LLC specializes in data analysis, program evaluation, research design and implementation, and professional development and training. Our primary goal is to help our clients design, develop, and administer valid and reliable assessments that also meet the cultural needs of our diverse society. 

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