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Our evaluations go beyond numbers and statistics - we provide a human-centered approach that looks at the real people your programs are serving.

We will help you evaluate your programs and ensure they're having the impact you intended.
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“I was utterly lost when we talked about closing the gap between common knowledge, preparation, program activities, program outcomes, and data. This is the perfect solution if you're like me and seek an opportunity to understand further how and why your program activities should drive results.”

Alphonso Mayo, CEO
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Success Stories

Unlocking Grant Opportunities for the Diabetes Catalyst Program

How we enabled TLC MD to eliminate redundancies and deficiencies in services and advocate for additional funding through program evaluation and comparative analysis research
Success Stories

Increasing grant compliance of educational agencies by 93% 

How our program evaluation and support services helped Maryland State Department of Education to evaluate 54 sub-grantees and increase grant compliance
We offer customized program evaluation solutions to fit your needs and budget
Here’s a breakdown of the type of evaluations we offer:

Needs Assessment

Helps to identify gaps, priorities, and assess capacity to achieve goals, typically done before a program is created.

Outcome Evaluation

An all-in-one customer service platform that helps you balance everything your customers need to be happy.

Impact Evaluation

Assesses the end results of a program, but also measures outcomes before the program to see if there were any unintended side effects.

Summative Evaluation

Determines if expectations are met, typically for the benefit of decision-makers with key roles in program oversight.

Formative Evaluation

Investigates early-stages programs to understand what is currently happening versus what is desired to happen to identify opportunities for improvement

Process Evaluation

Examines how a program operates including systems and procedures to measure overall effect on program outcomes
Our approach
We know that social programs can be complex and multifaceted, which is why we take a personalized approach to every evaluation.
From research to data analysis, we provide comprehensive evaluation services that provide valuable insights into your programs and their outcomes.
Culturally Sensitive
From research to data analysis, we provide comprehensive evaluation services that provide valuable insights into your programs and their outcomes.
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Whether you're looking to increase efficiency, expand reach, or simply ensure that your programs are making a real difference, we can help.

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