Unlocking Grant Opportunities for the Diabetes Catalyst Program

Totally Linking Care MD

About the Client

Totally Linking Care -MD (TLC MD) is a non-profit organization with a 6-member coalition of hospitals in Maryland that seeks to address state-wide public health matters through strategic and intentional collaboration with other community partners. They focus on connecting healthcare providers and programs to residents in Southern Maryland.

The Challenge

TLC-MD needed to quickly contract a vendor to perform its evaluation activities for the Diabetes Catalyst Program—a 5-year grant award received from HSCRC – Regional Partnership Catalyst Program. Their initial medical vendor was no longer available to conduct the evaluative services due to residual impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, TLC-MD was seeking to understand how their organization compared to other grant awardees in terms of program activities, geographical locations served, human resources, and other key program factors.

The Results

Psychometric Solutions was contracted to conduct a research study that explored industry trends including sector norms, grant sizes, staffing, and reported outcomes amongst all six grantees. The results demonstrated that with the award amounts ranging from just over $2,600,000–$43,300,000, the client had the 4th largest award amount, was 4th in the number of geographical locations served, but the 2nd highest in terms of number of hospitals served across the six grantees. Based on the comparative analysis results, the client was able to strategize with co-grantees to eliminate redundancies and deficiencies in services and advocate for additional funding.